Finally, a simple and
easy way to generate
leads daily for your
AYP business!

Finally, a simple and easy way to generate leads daily for your
AYP business!

This marketing system is preloaded with lead capture funnels that you can immediately start sharing & promoting to generate HOT leads!

Done-For-You Funnels

You don’t need to go build your own lead capture pages / funnels, we take care of that for you by giving you done-for-you funnels that we’ve built and tested.
Once you create your account, you will have access to dozens of lead capture funnels that are designed to help you attract both CUSTOMERS and BUSINESS BUILDERS to your AYP business!

Simply copy your funnel link and promote on social media / run traffic to / put in your instagram bio, etc.! P.S. We show you exactly how to get visitors to your funnel links!

Full Contact Manager

Keep track of your contacts through our easy to navigate contact manager with tracks ALL the activity your prospect takes on your website. From the moment they opt in, we will track which pages they’ve visited, how long they viewed those pages, what emails they’ve opened etc. You can even take notes and rank your prospects based on the actions they take!

Preloaded Email Campaigns

As you get leads / prospects to “opt in” to your funnels, they will immediately start receiving emails from YOU that sell them on joining Kuvera as a customer or business builder. Professionally written, done-for-you emails ready to convert and loaded into your system from day 1!”

Voice & Text Message Automation

With this system, your software can send out text messages immediately to your leads when they opt in! Not only do emails go out (with all membership levels) you can have SMS/text marketing working on your behalf as well!


Say you're running a special, or you want to make an announcement to your list of leads… Whip up a message and send it out to your list within seconds using this system! And yes, you can send out text and voice broadcasts!

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